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Besides using high technology, World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd gives priority to the human resource development and training of personnel.  We use the simulator for training to familiarise our personnel with the actual production process, where trainee can practice the problem solving on the simulator before actually start work.  We are in the process obtaining ISO 9002 which will improve the process from order taking, purchasing, plant operation, evaluation and corrective process, which we value to satisfy our customers.

The cornerstone of our success had been the customer satisfaction we have achieved through the application of quality and innovation in our production program.   Having entered the export market in 1995, we currently produce for orders from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan and Middle East.

World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd places an emphasis on quality management and aims to attain Total Quality Management in the organisation.  World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd's Quality Policies are:
Develop the production standard to comply with the ISO 9002.
Develop and maintain the production quality to attain the world-reliable standard.
Support all levels of personnel by providing education and training in the quality management.
Strictly control the production impact on environment by setting the regular inspection as well as developing modern production and inspection method.
Emphasize service as the key element of  works which shall cover in-house service and external service to customers.
Always consider safety as a concern, and ensure that every person is provided with necessary training to educate them of safety.

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