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World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd is intensely committed to safety in the work place, and at every stage of the production process.  The health of its personnel is also a major concern, as is evident from World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd's large scale investment in most "safe" technology for production, auxiliary operations and monitoring systems, all of which are intended to enhance work safety and minimize the company's short term an long term environmental impact.

As a responsible member of the community in which it operates, World Polybags Int (Pvt) Ltd views its commitments to eliminate pollution as matters of urgency.  To promote these policies in society at large, the company has widely publicized the environmental impacts of plastics, how to use and dispose of them and importance of recycling among public and private organisations and educational institutions.  Innovative ways are adopted to ensure that waste management system meets the highest standards set by government and the industry's benchmark to minimize impact on the environment.  As a step forward, the company commenced operating a recycling plant from 1999, an environment friendly project to strengthen our commitment to society.

Our organisation enjoys membership status from the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka which has extended many benefits to facilitate export operation.   The manufacturing complex is located 20 Km south of the capital, Colombo on our land and building with a knowledgeable workforce on hand.

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